Making It Last: Curating Your Personal Brand

For the next installment in Presenting Perfection’s personal branding series, here’s a look at how to maintain your brand.

While brainstorming and writing your brand’s statement might seem like the tricky part, many find that the hardest challenge comes next – ensuring your brand’s longevity in a crowded field. Here are a few tips for making a (lasting) impact through brand curation.

The Critical 5

In today’s business and communications world, it’s no secret that branding matters. What’s more complicated is the process of translating your crafted personal brand over time. Ideally, you’d want to be as recognizable and distinct in year 3 of your brand as you were during your initial branding campaign. So, where to start? Here are the 5 essential elements.

  1. Be visible – Try to attract as many eyes as possible.
  2. Share your real story – Make your brand personal…. everyone loves a narrative.
  3. Build A Network – Engage with similar brands, companies, and organizations.
  4. Stay Consistent – Stick to a pattern of engagement, outreach, and promotion.
  5. Be Yourself – Your personal brand is a personal reflection.

Enter A Community

The main idea of the list above? Staying relevant.

For your personal brand, this means becoming involved in a community, your industry, or local community. This means finding a niche and becoming a leader within it. Authoring blog posts for “friend” brands, maintaining an active social media presence, and using Google analytics are all relatively easy ways to get into the curation process.

In the words of one social media branding expert, this sort of engagement and authority is the easiest ways to attain thought leadership – a critical step to becoming a recognized (and lasting) voice of expertise.

The important thing to remember is that curation is not an act, but a process. Over time, your brand’s status will fluctuate and shift, you just need to be ready.


Sometimes things don’t work out. This holds true for personal branding.

Start with self-assessment. A Google search of your brand or company can give new insights on how you might appear to “outsiders.” You may observe messaging, branding, or a narrative you hadn’t previously. Now what?

The “personal” nature of personal branding might make transitioning seem impossible. But changing your personal brand can be beneficial – and an important part of the curation process. Current events, viral trends, or just new graphics can all be powerful elements to incorporate into your brand as it grows.

Get Help With Personal Branding

Whether you’ve yet to commit your brand to paper or have been at it for a decade, a consultation with a branding expert is sure to provide a boost.

With over 20 year of experience in the corporate communications world, Presenting Perfection founder Kathryn Lancioni has seen it all when it comes to brand messaging. With her proven knowledge and skillset, Kathryn can help you set your branding on the right track – for years to come.

To get started or just to find out more about the impressive power of personal branding, contact Presenting Perfection.