Children and Screen Time: How Much is Too Much?

It's hard to go anywhere in this world without looking at a screen. With so many digital devices out there – from phones and tablets to computers and TVs – there is always something to look at. For children specifically, the temptation to stare at a screen is often too hard to resist, leading to unhealthy habits.

Of course, all of this technology is still so new that we don't really know the impacts of all this screen time. As adults, we can intuitively sense that limiting screen time is a good idea. After all, most of us spend our days in front of computers at work, and we all know how taxing this can be.

When it comes to children, though, the stakes are higher. Their brains are still developing, and they are also learning a whole host of other skills vital for them to succeed in this world. Therefore, it's critical that we understand the risks of too much screen time, how much is too much, and what we can do to keep things reasonable.

Below we've covered all of this and more so that you can be sure you're doing everything possible to help your child develop healthy screen habits.