Public speaking is about communication, which is about listening to receive information and returning some information back. When it is put simply like that public speaking doesn’t seem so intimidating. I am now really glad I took this class because I learned a lot more than I thought I would and they are skills I will carry with me into every aspect of my life.

This class was an excellent exercise in honing and correcting mistakes thousands of students make, especially in an age of texting and improper etiquette are rampant.

I learned more in this class than I had entirely expected. I learned how to properly prepare for a public speech, how to adapt and connect with the audience, and how to use my body language to support my words.

This public speaking class not only helped me speak in class, but it also helped me in other classes and in social settings. I’ve had to speak a bunch of times in my other classes and I actually look forward to this now because I know that public speaking is one of my stronger assets now.

This class has transformed my confidence and speaking abilities in front of an audience.

What is great about this class and helps you learn the most was not presenting myself, but watching others present and seeing how they delivered their speeches. This course has enlightened my view of communication and how important of a skill it is in the business world.

Thank you for allowing me to improve myself as a speaker. I will continue to use the invaluable confidence and skills that I learned in this course and apply it to all facets of life, whether it be interviews, speeches at events, or addressing my patients when I am a doctor. It allowed me to deliver a killer speech at my sister’s Sweet 16, and giving speeches in front of people will never make me fret again. It has been an absolute pleasure taking your class.