The team at Presenting Perfection works with children and adults on either a one-on-one or group basis:

For Kids: For children ages 8-11, small group classes are recommended as children tend to learn best in a group setting. By watching each other speak, they quickly observe a variety of speaking styles. In time, this helps the child develop one of their own. Classes meet once a week for 60 minutes and are limited to 20 children.

For Teens: For tweens and teens, we offer small classes and private coaching. Most classes are held on the weekends, last approximately 90 minutes and have a maximum of 20 students. Classes are offered on a variety of topics including: Public Speaking, Persuasive Speaking, Interviewing, Interpreting Non-Verbal Communication and Real-World Conversation.

For Adults: For adults we offer private coaching, small group classes and corporate workshops. The topics covered and the schedule are based upon the participants' needs. All of our adults coaching sessions and workshops begin with an exploratory conversation, where the coach and the student(s) discuss the goals of the project and then a curriculum is designed to support it.

Branding 101 is a structured program specifically designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners quickly discover and define their personal brand and that of their business. It is offered as a three-part webinar or in-person class. It is also offered on an individual basis.

Communication Insights is set up as an advisory service. After the initial contact, we will set up a time to meet with you either in-person or virtually to discuss your communication challenge. We will then work together to establish a plan, framework and fee structure to support the project. Pricing and hours vary depending upon location and type of work requested.