The 14 Apps and Social Media Sites Parents Need to be Aware Of

Although the parents of the youngest segment of the
population grew up with computers, phones, and the wonders of digital
connectivity, there is no match for the comfort today’s youth has with all
things tech.

They are truly the world’s first digital natives.

However, while they are extremely comfortable using these
devices, they are often also unaware of many of the risks they face.

They may do things that put themselves or others at risk,
and often they do so only because they do not fully comprehend the consequences
of their actions. Yet no one is going to advocate for denying children access
to technology. Screen time should be limited, sure, especially for younger
children. But the internet and its related devices offer our kids so much that
it would be wrong to deny them access.

Therefore, we must find a way to help our kids
stay safe online and develop the needed skills to identify and avoid harmful

To do this, though, it’s important to know more about some
of the most common dangers so that we can protect our kids and have the right
conversations with them about what to do while online.

Here are fourteen of the most common apps and social media
sites you need to be aware of to help keep your kids safe:


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