Making It Happen: Bringing Your Personal Brand To Life  

After the outlining and brainstorming parts of branding, the next step is obvious: actually using your branding.

Once you’ve developed a keen sense of your unique brand identity, target audience, and overall “self,” there are still several important steps to fostering an effective personal brand. Check out these tips to making branding count.

The Online Toolkit

With an array of social media platforms, it can be difficult to know exactly where to take your brand online. The key: keep it simple.

When establishing your personal brand, pay special attention to overall optics – or the way your brand “persona” looks to customers and clients. To make the most of your newly-minted personal brand, you’ll want to have these basics covered:

  • Consistency in social media bio and profile / headshot
  • An accurate and updated LinkedIn profile
  • Clear and concise website
  • Frequent social media interaction

The important to remember about your brand’s online “appearance?” – less is more. In terms of your personal brand, the internet gives users numerous options for connecting with clients, customers, or fellow industry members. Rather than spread yourself thin over multiple platforms, it may even be helpful to concentrate on 1 or 2 social media sites.

Engage, Engage

No matter how unique your brand is – the internet is a crowded place. Aside from the basic branding baby-steps, you can maximize your online presence with an eye turned toward engagement.

While a well-run Facebook page or website might catch a few visitors, you can use your branding in attack mode. Proactive strategies, like blog writing, video content creation, and inter-industry connections are all effective means of boosting your brand’s power.

When customers, clients, or just the curious read your blogs or watch your videos, you’ll gain recognition for both your brand and your expertise. It’s a win-win.

The Offline Toolkit

Though a strong online presence might seem like the only thing your brand needs for success, the real-world matters, too. Face to face meetings, interactions, and informal networking all go a long way toward distinguishing your brand in today’s digital heavy business landscape.

To get your foot in the real world, here are a few strategies:

Of course, these moves are the minimum. For the personal brand maverick, more concentrated efforts towards building personally connected branding are in order. You can go the extra-mile by seeking events, functions, and open meetings that put you in the spotlight.

Get Branding Help

No matter how far along you are in making your brand dreams a reality – an expert can help you get a head start. With over 20 years of experience in the corporate communications world, Presenting Perfection founder Kathryn Lancioni can help you make an impact.

To get started with your next branding campaign, contact Presenting Perfection today.