Who Are You? Understanding Personal Branding

In a world of influencers and moment-to-moment media, personal branding matters more than ever. For business owners, though, making branding work can be a challenge.

Rather than products or services, your personal brand is tied to you and your business. Personal branding is likely what will stick in the minds of customers. For a guide on personal branding, check out this rundown from corporate communications expert, Kathryn Lancioni.

The Personal Brand – Defined

Not a logo, not a slogan, not a color scheme – personal branding is both these things and none of them.

In general, personal branding consists of how people see you or how they would define to others who are unfamiliar. It includes a set of values or attributes describing you and what makes you unique. In a sense, even our personal lives draw from our personal brands.

The effect of this can be truly dramatic – and is easily seen in the world of celebrity. Some notable individuals, like Oprah, Obama, and even Madonna possess personal brands so strong, they are known simply by one name – conjuring up images of values, attitudes, and “selves.”

If personal branding seems difficult to pin down – that’s because when it works, you hardly notice its magic.

Impacts And Action

In the words of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, your brand is “what people say about you when you are not in the room.”

Today, entire industries are dominated by companies almost solely on the strength of large-scale personal branding. One incredible example? Patagonia.

The California-based surf and outdoor gear company has built environmental awareness, conservation, and earth-friendly manufacturing into nearly everything it does. This commitment to an identity as a “green-company” has spawned numerous campaigns and initiatives.

The result? Patagonia has become a respected member of both the outdoor lifestyle industry and environmental activism world. Most importantly, Patagonia has aligned itself with a message of action and positivity.

Business Sense

Taking a cue from the corporate world, individual level personal branding, while smaller-scale, generally follows the same principles. Imparting your passions, goals, and values into your branding makes it both appealing and effective.

So, what can personal branding do?

  • A steady stream of informed and eager clients
  • Partnerships with like-businesses and individuals
  • Leadership roles in industry or business groups
  • Ability to draw from community network
  • Association with niche, market, or geographic area
  • Credibility in the minds of customers
  • Recognition
  • Increased value Perception

Personal branding is perhaps the best way to place yourself into a community and, in turn, build connections, and networks organically.

Branding Help

To build a better brand, sometimes you need an outside perspective – that’s where Presenting Perfection comes in. Founder Kathryn Lancioni’s years of experience in the professional messaging world has given her a unique perspective on all things branding, identity, and connection.

For more tips or to discover how to unlock your unique personal brand, contact Presenting Perfection.