Watch Yourself! Body Language Tips For Your Next Interview

The job interview. One of life’s most stressful situations.

These days, whether you are applying for a part-time summer job or a full-time, career oriented position, you will likely have to survive an interview process. While a proper resume and appropriate clothing can help you land the job of your dreams, it is important to remember that an interview is in person and face to face.

 With this is mind, body language becomes key. Check out these simple tips for better body language at your next interview.


Before You Sit Down

 An often-overlooked part of the interview: it starts before you sit down. Frequently, the beginning of an interview occurs when you are retrieved from a lobby, waiting area, or reception room. Why not make this time count?

As seen in a recent article from The Undercover Recruiter, “your walk says a lot about your demeanor.” Subsequently, it is advised that you try to walk upright, with your back aligned, and your shoulders in a normal, straight position. Overall, this proactive posture suggests confidence, and, most importantly, a good attitude.


The Right Look

 Eye Contact. One of the most common interview body language tips. But is all eye contact really created equal?

According to Mashable, the answer is no. As seen in this terrific list of tips, too much direct eye contact can seem off-putting or even creepy. Instead, focus on paying visual attention to your interviewer face while remaining engaged.


Be Open

 Of course, your interview will likely involve you sitting directly across from an interviewer. With this close positioning, your bodily posture and arrangement while sitting can have a big impact.

According to a guide from the job site Monster, it is crucial to use your body to suggest feelings of openness, flexibility, and composure. This means refraining from placing large bags or briefcases in your lap and refraining from wild hand gestures. In addition, sitting upright is a far better alternative than leaning forward, no matter how eager you are! 


A Happy Medium

 Overall, the most important body language interview tip is to try to project an image of calm collectedness. While this may sound like a tall order in an inherently stressful situation, proper preparation and planning can go a long way.

A recent report from The Guardian offers some support for the importance of body language. According to recent studies, researchers have found that in many professional conversations (like an interview), people pay more attention to the other person than they do to what that person is saying.

In the context of an interview, this means that success comes with moderation. Nervous chattering can make you seem manic, while a shy slouch can convey hesitation. Being aware of your surroundings and viewing the interview as a conversation can help tremendously.


Get Help From An Expert

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